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The Decision (Don't Buy Their Image)

The decision to start, buy or stop something can be an exhilarating, easy or difficult one depending on what it is and how badly you want it to be part of your life.

In today's world, we are bombarded with images from various sources such as television, social media, and the internet. These images are often carefully crafted to influence our choices and persuade us to buy what they are selling. However, the images we see may not always reflect the reality. For instance, drinking and partying images often portray them as fun and harmless activities, but they rarely show the negative consequences like fights and shootings and death. Similarly, popular images often show people being admired for their charm and wit, but the reality is that such traits may not be sustainable in the long run.

I can relate to this as I once saw an advertisement for a designer suit that reminded me of my younger self. It depicted a slim and athletic look that appealed to me, and I felt motivated to try to regain my former self. Though I know I can never be that young again, I can still work towards a healthier and fitter version of

myself. I keep that image in my mind and strive towards it, even though it may take time and effort. The power of images can be transformative, but we must be cautious and mindful of what they represent.

Remember images can be powerful tools for positive and negative reasons. The purpose of images are to allure the viewer. They can represent authenticity or inaccuracy. Use wisdom, and don't buy every image you see. Recovery is an accomplishment and you have to choose it every day!


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