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Our Services

 We offer services and assistance without judgement to individuals in recovery, alcoholics, and any other persons who  seek assistance with filling out employment applications, housing applications, food, utility bill payments, and other community resources. 

Food Bank

Tia Hart's Food Bank assists to relieve hunger in the community through a network of partner agencies by acquiring and distributing food to all who is in need.  The food bank is open Tuesday-Thursday from 9am to 1pm (Excluding holidays and the last Tuesday of every month). 

Food Delivery

Peer To Peer
Recovery Meetings

Peer To Peer Meetings are open to the public and held every Monday & Thursday evening from 6pm-7pm.  Come join us, your story may help, rejuvenate, or encourage someone.

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Hoke Health & Justice

Hoke Health and Justice offers a comprehensive range of services and support tailored to meeth the unique needs of particpants. Their goal is to provide effective interventions that address underlying issues, promote mental wellness, and help individuals reintegrate into their communities successfully

Team Hugging

Hoke Syringe
Service Program

We provide sterile syringes for diabetics and substance users. We also provide safe disposal containers for used syringes.

Hours for exchange and pick up is

Monday - Friday 8am - 2pm.

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Community Service Program

Tia Hart Community Recovery Program assist people with Court Ordered Community Service to complete their required hours.  Community Service can be completed Monday-Friday during our regular business hours.


*You must have court ordered community service paperwork to participate in our Community Service Program.

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