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About Tia Hart Community Recovery Program

Tia Hart Community Recovery Program staff and volunteers make it their priority to make our clients feel like family from day one. Offering an abundant range of services to help each individual the best we can. Each client that walks through our doors is given a second chance, and we don’t mind even giving them a third or a fourth. Fighting the beast that is addiction, hunger, and other hardships can be a living hell, and we know that not everyone will get to escape that hell on the first try. We remain patient, dedicated, and committed, even when our clients lose the will to keep fighting for themselves.  We’ve made it our lifetime commitment and mission to help all of our clients find that exit and walk through it towards the life they deserve. 


To help people who suffer from addictions to alcohol, drugs, and other substances break the bonds of addiction and find hope and encouragement through a program of education, physical nurturing, structured discipline, and the development of the living skills necessary to achieve a life of lasting sobriety.


Tia Hart Recovery Program intent is simple, it is to provide support the necessary support that the citizens need to improve their lives. Our process is streamlined to be as stress-free as possible.  

Tia Hart Recovery Program prides itself on being an outreach service center committed to helping those in recovery through community outreach, prevention services, alcohol, and other drugs through Peer-to-Peer services. 

Our theme is simple "Strengthening the Family, investing in Health, Home, and the Communities”.

Our Founder

Shirley M. Hart

Personal Bio Coming Soon

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